Can a roof make money? Yes, wits are right now preparing to make a joke about how intellectual workers work with the help of the “roof” … But jokes aside! The roof can generate income! This will make it possible to sell surplus energy to the network! So the “green” energy is striding around the country! Our company has offered a new look at wind energy. Instead of a striking mast in the backyard, it places the generator on the crest of the roof or existing solar power plants. Thanks to the lift effect, the system can also generate electricity at low wind speeds.

In search of alternative energy sources, we often look towards the sun and wind. Wind is often written off as inaccessible due to the high mast. The concept of a wind generator consists of an axis with blades, which is located in a container on the crest of a sloping roof or in addition to an existing solar power station. Due to the lifting effect that occurs when the wind glides past a sloping roof or solar panels, the shaft is driven and thus drives the generator. The steeper the slope, the stronger the wind when it reaches the ridge. The crest wind speed is sometimes three times higher than normal wind speed.

The wind farm has a more even energy production and is installed in conjunction with solar power plants. It works not only during the day, but also at night and even at low wind speeds. Wind turbines are available in two versions: one for industrial use and one for a private house or any building with a pitched roof.

Wind power is also becoming more and more important in our country. Today, however, we are not moving further than the turbine masts along highways and industrial sites. There are several suitable applications for private use.

A wind turbine is striking for various reasons, or not at all. The windmill is not on the mast, but on the crest of the roof. As a result, the mill barely stands out. According to the manufacturer, the windmill is also the wrong name. They prefer to hear the wind generator. The system also generates energy at low wind speeds. In combination with photovoltaic panels, our Wind Turbine can guarantee a non-volatile home.

Elevator effect

Wind raging on the sloping surfaces of the roof, creates the effect of an elevator. The steeper the roof slope, the stronger the wind force when it reaches the ridge. The wind speed on the ridge can be three times higher than the wind speed at this time. And it is this wind force that drives the blades, which, in turn, drive the generator. Voila, we have electricity.

Two models

Wind turbines are available in two versions: one for company buildings – such as commercial buildings – and one for houses. The annual profitability of the largest model varies between

5,200 and 12,600 kWh. The smaller brother is good for generating about 4,200 kWh, depending on the installation.

It is important to know: the rotation of the blades does not cause noise. The noise level, measured at a distance of 1 meter, is 20dB when the blades rotate at full power. Since the roof ridge quickly reaches eight meters, you get about 0 dB at ground level.

The advantage of wind power plants over photovoltaic solar panels is a more uniform production of electricity. A wind farm also produces electricity when the sun does not shine.