VerticalAxis Wind Turbines are by far the best vertical wind turbines in the world. The capacity of turbines for commercial or private operation in the air or water environment varies from 2.5 KVA to 250 KVA. They are effective in working in conditions of low wind speed or water flow, where traditional systems are ineffective or do not work at all.

2.5 kW – 250 kW Vertical Wind Turbines (VAWT)

2.5 kW – 250 kW Permanent magnet vertical wind turbines. Virtually maintenance free as it has only 2 moving parts. Analogues of installation of such sizes in power do not exist. The installation is able to work in any severe climatic conditions.

The main components used in Vertical Axis WindTurbines are:

  • DC generator
  • Catcher screens: extend beyond the diameter of the turbine and double the speed of the air flow before it penetrates the turbine blades (pictured above).
  • Amplifier: A comprehensive amplifier allows the wind turbine to accelerate the inlet wind speed by 6 times from any direction.
    This provides balanced energy production.

We do not compete, but complete the still existing wind generation technologies. This provides energy to smaller communities in areas where average wind speeds make large turbines uneconomical.

Potential applications:

  • the wind turbine can be installed on: above-ground construction (a high wooden or steel platform provides storage space and easy access for maintenance)


  • Wind station
  • Towers of cellular and communication systems
  • Wind farms
  • Portable energy stations for military use or short-term operation
  • Gas stations
  • Roofs of commercial or residential buildings
  • Rural areas
  • Private households
  • Low-rise areas
  • Street or peripheral lighting (in conjunction with LED light sources)
  • Sea vessels, yachts
  • And much more
  • Hydroelectric power station
  • Rivers
  • Coastal marine areas
  • Water treatment and water treatment facilities, other drains
  • Reclamation channels
  • Industrial overpasses
  • And others

Attention: In order to achieve the declared power, the installation must be equipped with wind-trap screens. Wind energy is determined by the mass of the trapped air layer. To achieve greater efficiency or greater wind speed, the installation must be arranged with wind-trap screens. For example, a 0.5 KVA installation with a wind force of 10.72 m / s will produce only about 100 watts of energy, while with trap screens, the power will be declared at 0.5 KVA.